5 Things women should know about Milan

5 Things women should know about MilanMilan, a beautiful place in Italy is a must see for all. The place has a prominent history .It offers its visitors unique scenic beauty. There are lots of wonderful things to see in Milan. Following is a concise list of what one must hope in Milan.

The painting of Last Supper

As history suggests Milan has the world‘s most unmatchable painting ,as last Supper. This painting is famous by virtue of its being the painting of turbulent times of Renaissance. The presence of painting in Milan makes it the most sought after tourist destination. After narrowly escaping destruction in Second World War it was restored by historians. The painting looks even better with bright colors added to it.


Latest style of gold jewelry

Milan stands next to Paris in fashion. The city boasts of some famous names in fashion. Milan is high on fashion. Indeed it’s a place for fashionistas. The favorite stores which is brings   several fashion conscious people to its altar are Versace, Prada, Missoni, Chanel and Armani. All have their famous landmark statements. Thousands of visitors make correct choice of fashion from these stores.

The famous labyrinth Castello  Sforzesco

This is a famous mini museum. It handles artifacts from pal eolithic era to 20th century. The collection is wide and stores the unique history of human era. During 15th   century it was the court of  famous Ludovico Il’ Moro’ Forza.He was the patron of legendary Leonardo Davinci. This museum was victim of neglect .But later it was restored by architect Luca Betrami.The museum is a beautiful recollection of Renaissance events. If you want to witness dawn of mankind during Renaissance years then you should visit this place.

The wonderful cuisine of Milan

Milan hosts world’s best food pocket. The food served here is sumptuous. The variety of food being served here is simply of full range. Here the food is typical of Italian cuisine with new treats coming your way very minute. Food served is dairy products, pasta and regional food like maki and curry. If you want a taste of international cuisine then related orders can be taken. If you have to taste the delicious Milanese food then ideal place would be Antica Tratoria Della Pesa.The place serves authentic Italian food. The ambience is good and finest Funghi Porcini pasta is served here .Food is served with local zest. Although urban twist is also added to some of the cuisine.

Muitple dimensional spas of Milan

If woman find shopping too hard and want to relax then the answer lies in spas . Today Milan has good spas in very nook and corner. Spas that relax body and mind have mushroomed across the city. The treatment is superb and the ambience is cool. Favorite is Aveda based hotel and Bulgari spa. They are good ones although the spas experience is subjective to the person. Another good spa is Hammam Dela Rosa where the temperature variation is done which sooths body and mind. Spa can add a dash to your stay in Milan. Spa offer great discounts too and can be a perfect hotspot for women.

Milan is superb place to visit and see. Women find this place very interesting. One should approach this place with curiosity and explore .

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