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5 Top Stunning Beaches of the Caribbean – A Travel Blog

5 Top Stunning Beaches of the Caribbean

Do you wish to spend this holiday at some of the exotic beaches then visit the Caribbean island that offers some of the beautiful beaches in the world. You can simply sit back and relax yourself and enjoy a unique culture of Caribbean. From white sand beaches to blue waters, Caribbean island has all to refresh yourself and to make the trip memorable.

5 Top Stunning Beaches of the Caribbean
Beaches are just perfect to enjoy the calm nature of water as well as for sun bathing. In addition, people of all age groups can simply sit by the shore and enjoy the cool breeze, panoramic landscape, lush green vegetation, and beautiful birds soaring up in the blue sky.
Let us look at the 5 Top Stunning Beaches of the Caribbean
•    Trunk Bay, St. John

Donated to the National Park Service around 50 years ago, the trunk Bay beach is a small beach but known for its history. The clean and clear water just provides the right opportunity for some underwater photography and snorkelling. Besides, you can sit back and enjoy the calm waves and relax under the sun.

•    Shoal Bay, Anguilla

This is one of most popular beaches that is enjoyed by many Hollywood stars and a perfect place for newlywed couples. Moreover, the Shoal Bay beach is covered with white sand and also provides housing facilities in the nearby area.

•    Eagle Beach, Aruba

If you wish to enjoy a quiet vacation at the beach or would like to spend quality time with your loved one then Eagle beach is just perfect for you. Clean shores, tranquil water, and amazing weather make this beach a perfect place for relaxation and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

•    Bayahibe beach, Dominican Republic

Covered with white sand and surrounded by lush green vegetation, the Bayahibe beach makes a perfect sport to rekindle your romance. You may get to see some of the frigate birds soaring over the blue sky and pelican floating over the water. You can also enjoy some fried lobsters in the evening that is cooked with some authentic spices and enjoy the moonlight and calm sound of waves in the turquoise shacks.

•    Pigeon Point, Tobago

This beautiful beach is just a short drive from the airport. You can just walk through the paradise with your wheelie luggage and relax yourself after a long journey. The beautiful sunset scenic makes it a perfect camera shot. What’s more, the pigeon point beach is perfect for everyone from couples to families, senior citizens to young teenager. You can even enjoy the home cooked delicious lunch under the shacks and enjoy the sounds of waves in the evening.

Plan your trip with friends or family to one of these exotic beaches of Caribbean and make your trip memorable forever. Capture special moments spent on the beach and get engrossed in the beautiful nature. Visit this finest place and ensure that you enjoy every moment spent there.

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