8 Tourist Attractions in The Middle East.

There goes a popular saying- “If visitors were points, and tourism were a game, the Middle East would be gaining ground fast on the industry’s traditional leaders. ”The history of middle East dates back to ancient times, and all through this time it has been a major center of world affairs. It has rich culture and history comprising around 30-40 countries.
“What has happened to tourism in the Middle East is that it has become very polarised” says Nadejda Popova, senior tourism analyst. Thats the ultimate truth today. MIDDLE EAST is a renowned travel company for distinctive cultural and archeological tours. Even so, most of the Middle East’s travel boom is homegrown, with 80 percent of travelers coming from within the same region.

Places to visit during your trip to the middle-east

8 Tourist Attractions in The Middle East.

1.Petra, Jordan

Petra is one of the oldest known archeological town built on a mountain slope in Jordan.Its also become one of the seven world wonders. It has attracted millions of tourists every year to witness the beautiful progression in natural life and civilization in the country. This is also called Jordan’s most valuable tressure and greatest tourist attractions among others.

2.Sanna, Yemen

Sanna is the capital of Yemen and one of the biggest cities. The city has a lot of things to offer like thousands of monuments and historical sites. Its also one of Unescos world heritage sites. The old fortified city has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years and contains many intact architectural gems.

3.Sayyida Ruqayya Mausoleum, Riyadh

This is a very famous shrine located at Damascus the capital city of Syria. The mosque was bulit around the museum only in the year 1985 and it exhibits the modern style of Iranian architecture. Years later however, upon the flooding of Sukanya’s gravesite, her grave was reopened and she was moved to the site where the Mosque now stands.

4.Sabratha, Libya

It is located east of the capital city of Tripoli and the roman legacy is called Sabratha.The existance of Roman architecture is very prominent at these palces. The city has a number of buildings in the form of Roman architecture is still intact and become witness to the glory of Rome in the region.

5.The Scientific centre, Kuwait

The mission of The Scientific Center is to dedicated to the advancement of the sciences and cultural heritage of the country, and to promote public awareness, knowledge and commitment to the care and preservation of the wildlife and ecosystems of the country.

6.Jebel Al Weibdeh

Jabal means a mountain, and it’s one of the oldest mountains that the city of Amman was built on. It has nice buildings, lots of cafes and places to eat but what is lovely about Jabal al Weibdeh is that it has two places for art lovers; Darat al Funun and the Jordan National Gallery for fine arts

7.Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park, Baharain

It’s not world class, but its good enough to spend your one day of weekend in here. Quite pricey if you plan to go with family, otherwise alright.There are loads of things to keep you busy the whole day with the beach and all the beach bars around.

8.The Corniche, Abudhabi

The family beach is a great beach to visit while with kids, with several nice play grounds. the restaurants and cafes around 30 street is nice to visit too, and the sunset is gorgeous and one of the best attractions of this place.You could possible spend an entire day in the beach, walking along in the sands and watching the beautiful sunset,though its very prominent that its man made.
These are the possible places you could visit during your trip to the middle-east.Hope you enjoy and have a great time with your family and friends.

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