A guide to a malaria free safari in South Africa

A guide to a malaria free safari in South AfricaIf you’re a person who wishes to go for a real wild safari in South Africa, you need to worry about a couple of things and the most important of all is Malaria. If you’re travelling in malaria without any precautions there is a high chance of you catching this fever. So we present you with ‘A guide to a Malaria free safari in South Africa.’

Choosing a malaria free safari is important because if you’re elderly or if you have children or elders travelling with you, then malaria can cause big problems. Fortunately, there are many malaria free safaris in South Africa which offers you world class safari experience.

Eastern Cape is a wonderful place with malaria free safari experience. Take this opportunity to visit Cape Town and it could be a pretty nice way to spend you’re time in South Africa.

Kwandwe Game Reserve :- provides you with a brilliant experience with a first class accommodation in this private Game reserve right near Grahamstown. They offer night and day trips to the park to enjoy the beautiful sights in the park with Africa’s own wild animals such as Lions, Cheetahs, Hippos and elephants and even Rhinos. So this is a very exciting prospect if you’re looking for malaria free safaris in South Africa.

Addo Elephant National Park :- This national park is a true beauty and it is home for a variety of wild animals and you’d be able to enjoy the wild side of Africa in this national park. The great white sharks and whales are common sights in this park. This national park located a bit north of Port Elizabeth offers hiking as well. Horse riding is another delightful activity in this national park besides the safaris. Kids below the age of 6 are not allowed to go on safari tours organised by the park.

Amkahala Game Reserve :-  This game reserve is best during day time and it has some nice lodgings too, this reserve is known for its numerous number of antelopes, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, giraffe and more. The reserve which is located east of Port Elizabeth offers one of the best malaria free safaris available in South Africa.

Kariega Game Reserve :- This brilliant safari offers a lot more activities than any other in the whole region and its recommended that you stay here for at least two days because there are enough activities for everyone. This is a safari which is really suitable for you and your family.

Shamwari Game Reserve :- like many other good game reserves this provides home to the big 5 of Africa. There are a lot to enjoy and do. You can view a lot of bird life in this area. Swimming can also be done here and to add to all these there is also a special spa treatment facility, so make sure you use all your facilities in this game reserve in the eastern cape.

All of the game reserves listed here provide you with the best malaria free safari in South Africa. These places offer many facilities and is just best when you want to be away from Malaria. So check all of these places out.

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