A Guide to Halong Bay, Vietnam for Travellers

A Guide to Halong Bay, Vietnam for TravellersHalong Bay which in Vietnamese culture known as “where the dragon down to the sea” are one of the Vietnam’s tourist spot, consisting of over 3000 islands. You can find Floating fishing villages with sharp limestone peaks shoot skyward. The Ha Long Bay archipelago is made up of 1,969 islands. Halong Bay is Vietnam’s most prized treasures.

⦁    Halong bay attractions:

There are dozens of attractions at Halong Bay with unique fascinating features, so it could be a challenge to travellers while they plan to visit. The attractions listed are popular destinations of the town such as the well-known rocky islands, floating villages or beaches. Halong Bay has amazing blend of sea and islands with 1,969 islands, islets and rocky karst outcrops which are mostly lime-stone.989 of these are given imaginative names by the local mass.

⦁    Ti Top Island: During French colonial period Ti Top Island was named as Cat Nang Island. Ti Top Island is located about 14 kilometres to the East of Halong Bay. It’s a beautiful place of cruising for relaxation. Ti Top beach is in the shape of a crescent enclosing the island.

⦁    Cong Do Island: Cong Do Island is on the south eastern Halong Bay, about 25 kilometres. It’s comprised of the core area of Halong Bay, which is known as the World Natural Heritage Site. Cong Do Island acquires an area of 23.36 square kilometres. The island features with a 172-meter hill which is enclosed by an ever-green tropical forest. The coral reef involves many rare species of coral (like red coral). Cong Do Island is the heaven of holiday. Scuba-diving service is very popular.

⦁    Su Tu Bien Islet – Halong Bay: On the canoe route to Thien Cung – Dau Go Grottoes, one should visit Hon Su Tu Bien Islet. Between the vast seawaters of HaLong, you recognize a high rock projecting from the sea, appear like a lion stretching.

⦁    Tam Cung Grotto: It is located in the center of Halong Bay; Tam Cung Grotto (Three Palaces Cave) is one of the most amazing caves in Halong. The grotto has three compartments alternating throughout each rock gap. When entering the first compartment, visitors listen a strange sound like the traditional instruments sound. In the second compartment, there is a clean stream and stalactites are arranged. In last compartment, visitors can see a magnificent bas-relief which carved into many meticulous and strange shapes.

⦁    Travel guide:

⦁    Halong bay Hotels:

At Halong Bay’s hotels, you can expect home like feel atmosphere.it provides you the most modern and convenient hotels.

You can find top 3 and 4 stars hotels such as Saigon hotel, Heritage halong hotel, Halong plaza hotel and many more.

⦁    How to get Halong Bay:

To get Halong Bay, tourists have different options to choose: by road way, water way or air way.

⦁    By Road Way To Halong bay:

Tourists can hire a private car from Hanoi to Halong bay. Another way is taking a local bus.

⦁    By Water Way To Halong Bay:

Otherwise, you can take the daily high-speed hydroplane.

⦁    By Air Way To Halong Bay:

You can take a helicopter tour and save your time

Hurry up; make a trip plan to Halong Bay to enjoy the beauty’s nature.

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