A guide to Rio de Janeiro Carnaval for tourists

A guide to Rio de Janeiro Carnaval for touristsThis Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is an array of shows showing artistic talent and also many other things of Brazil. Rio De Janeiro has been called the Capital of Carnival in the world for some time now. Foreign visitors to it alone number around a whopping 500,000 every year. If you are a tourist interested in this carnival, then this guide would surely help you.

Samba Parades

There are samba parades which is sure to be a feast to your eyes when it happens at the Rio De Janeiro Carnival, and its something which is really valuable and it shows the rich tradition and culture of Brazil. These dances aren’t easy to perform but if you are interested in learning it there are institutions which would be happy to teach you and the best way to learn it is to watch others Samba and learn from them.

Rio Carnival Balls

This festival offers some good balls which won’t rip you off, specified clothes are not mandatory in every ball but exceptions are there. Take part in the ball and be prepared to have a magical time, because it offers some good amount of fun and entertainment. So this is something you’d enjoy doing during the Carnival.


It is known as the “stadium” of Samba and there. Are several ways to get to this place and the best way is through the Rio Carnival Shuttle Service and this can avoid any annoyances. There isn’t any particular dress codes and the street style rules there, so you went worry about dressing perfectly. This is where the most fun takes place and you don’t want to miss out on this.

The Rio Samba Schools

These are something else you should look out for in Rio,  because these places where the first to celebrate the Carnival, so you get a chance to learn about the history and also the culture, they also seem to teach the dances and their art so feel free to check these facilities out.

According to their two functions, the Rio samba schools usually have two physical locations

The Samba halls, function as huge dance clubs for all types of people (the young and the aged) playing live samba music by the schools’ percussion bands. You will also find the schools’ main administrative center and president at these locations.

The production units are where the floats and some of the costumes are produced. Since 2005, all of the principle Rio samba schools in the Special Group have their production facilities at the same location, called Samba City. It is open to all visitors.

Sambodromo Shuttle Transfer

This is an awesome facility that you need to make use of for your travel to the Sambodromo and also to get back to your staying place. This facility will drive you to the Sambodromo and also it’ll whizz you back to your lodge or hotel this is an awesome thing tourists should make most of.

So if you are a tourist then surely, it is something great which happens on Brazil, so if you have time, drop in on these festivals and you get to see everything the Carnival has to offer.

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