A Guide to Things to Do In Savannah, Georgia

A Guide to Things to Do In Savannah, GeorgiaSavannah is founded in 1733 as Georgia’s first town and it is the most graceful cities in the South. The city’s wonderful historic architecture is well preserved in its 22 public squares, covered by the beautiful oak trees. Savannah has a rich cultural history which has given it an establishment as one of the city’s top destinations.

Savannah has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and world-class attractions for entertainment and dining, open-air restaurants, and many more.

Each year, millions of tourists travel to Georgia’s First City to experience this vibrant and unique seaport community. Many people begin their adventure by watching the incredible museums, elegant architecture and historic landmarks. It seems that not only tourists are attracted to Savannah but also Ghosts and other supernatural entities over the streets at night, providing enough spooks to sustain to make America’s most haunted city.

Things to do:

Nightlife: Savannah’s nightlife scene is booming when the sun sets on the real fun begins without any difference, and with variety of ages and interests. Savannah has a list of Best Nightlife Scenes in the USA. Savannah has plenty of bars including Jazz’d, Rocks on the Roof. The world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parades .U.K.-inspired pubs Molly McPherson’s and Churchill’s promise you a good time and authentic food. For those seeking a quiet evening on the town will enjoy the quaint charm in Gastropub, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar and Planters Tavern. You can also find nice range of music different pubs.

Shopping: Wondering something to buy, in a fun, beautiful, friendly atmosphere? Then Shopping in Savannah is the perfect place to go, where you can find the latest trends. You can find traditional mall, or window gazing specialty shops. Can go to Broughton Street or souvenir shops on River Street and also you can go the most popular shops like Go Fish, Copper Penny, and ShopSCAD.

Ride the Water Ferry: A trip to Savannah isn’t complete without a ride on the congratulatory water ferry ride, which gets depart in every 20-30 minutes. Just close your eyes and Cool down with the river air breeze in the day, or get the charm of the city lights sparkle on the water during night.

 See the Savannah Tall Ships
: Savannah Tall Ships that Witness the history at Savannah. Savannah Tall Ships Challenge, a friendly race between Tall Ships from one port to other port around North America. This event only comes to the Atlantic Coast once in every three years. Experience the power and ancient beauty of these historical ships near the Riverfront.

Watch a Historic Sports car Race: Watch a race at The Westin’s le mans style race track on Island of Hutchinson, with beautiful views of Savannah’s cityscape and naturescape, there is a race in each autumn at the Concours d’Elegance Historic Track Days. If you are sports freak then don’t let the offer go.

Now just book tickets for your family holiday to the land of scary, beautiful epics and natural sceneries. Hope you and your family have a great fun in Savannah.

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