A Tourist Guide to Cape Hatteras National Seashore

A Tourist Guide to Cape Hatteras National SeashoreCape Hatteras national seashore is truly wonderful sea shore in USA. It is a set of three islands that stretches from North to South. The three islands that make up Cape Hatteras are Bodie, Hatteras, and Ocracoke. The three islands comprises of beautiful beaches and clear blue waters. The beach is clean and stretches across the coastline. The beach is serene and water is calm. This place is a perfect getaway. It is convenient for visit for both families and youngsters. Old and young people clog to the beach. The best way to enjoy beauty of park is to use ferries. Ferries that are state operated run form Ocracoke Island to Cedar Island.


Description of Cape Hatteras Island

The park stretches 31,263 acres of unblemished land. The park is made of barrier islands. Barrier islands are a form of islands that run parallel across the main coastline. They are narrow strip of land and are relatively a kind of barriers system. The island has rich culture. This island is also called ‘graveyard of Atlantic’. The name is derived from the fact that in this island huge storms and heavy gales take place. It makes the shore very deadly and ferocious.  You should listen to Met department’s review before planning a visit to Cape Hatteras.


Cape Hatteras is also famous for its lighthouses. The oldest lighthouse named Ocracoke lighthouse is situated in North Carolina. This lighthouse has been guiding visitors since time immemorial. The island is also famous for shipwrecks and US lifesaving guarding service. The fate of many ships has been sealed here. The Ocracoke lighthouse was built in 1823 while the cape Hatteras lighthouse was built in 1870. Both lighthouse is stands tall and gives the island a mysterious twist. You can listen to many stories about the history of island form the locals. The lighthouses add a magical charm to this island.


What you can do in Cape Hatteras Island

The island has many adventure spots where you can plan events. Some of the popular sports like swimming, kayaking, fishing, shelling and canoeing are allowed here. These activities make Cape Hatteras a must see for all. The adventure sports are scheduled by the Rangers. The summer season is the best season to go. In this season the rangers plan a range of recreational events. The recreational events are related to history and natural resources. History is presented in a lucid and concise manner. All the events are very interactive. They are meant to make the visitors feel at ease.

The shore is amazing. You can drive by shore. A visit to local villages should not be forgotten. Such visits will give a brief idea of history and culture of the island. There are massive thunderstorms so when you plan your visit and make it a point to reserve your guestroom in advance. Never stroll in shore without listening to the warning of Met department. Climbing lighthouses is another way to spend time here. Sometimes lighthouses can be dark and fearsome. The beaches are sublime and not congested. It’s a great way to be with nature if you visit Cape Hatteras. This national park is unforgettable because of its tall lighthouse and serene beach.

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