A Weekend Journey to Remember in Branson

Hailed as the “live entertainment capital of the world” Branson Missouri is world-famous for its festivals, stage acts and attractions. The city has more than 50 of theaters and Broadway, more than 400 hotels and lodging houses, above 200 restaurants, lots of amusement parks and theme parks, great parks and trekking sites for outdoor recreation; all to cater more than 7 million tourists a year. Basically, the city of Branson is the mecca of popular entertainment in United States.

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With literally hundreds of places and things to see and experience in Branson, it can be overwhelming to plan your weekend trip. To get the best out of your short stay in Branson, it will be best if you plan your vacation right. Here are sometimes to your weekend trip in Branson unforgettable.


First Step – Choose a Date

Choose a specific time to travel to the city. Like other popular vacation spots in the world, peak seasons in this city, such as summer and Christmas seasons, means crowded streets, fully-booked hotels and full house restaurants. It can be nice to spend your summer or Christmas vacation in Branson as the city will be full of lively festivals and events during these seasons, but you have to book your trip in advance to save in your airfare and hotel stay.


Second Step – Choose Your Accommodation

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Choose the types of accommodations you want for you and your travel buddies. You can check out the city’s official website Branson.com as your starting reference, or visit travel review sites like TripAdvisor, Oyster, VirtualTourist, etc. for honest and no-nonsense reviews. From there, you can visit websites and social media sites of hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, RV parks, resorts, restaurants, etc. and have make a rough list of places you should visit.


Third Step – Get your show tickets in advance as well

As said in the first step, festivals and special shows are usually held during peak seasons, making it a great time to visit the city of Branson. However, ticket prices for shows can be expensive during these times. If you’re travelling with your family, then, getting your tickets for the big shows is a great way to save money. Stage acts like Tony Orland and the Duttons, Shanghai Circus and stand ups such as Yakov Smirnoff are just three of the many must-see shows in Branson.


Fourth Step –Plan Your Branson Travel Method

The city of Branson is around strategically located between Kansas City, St. Louis and Memphis. Each city is around 200 miles away from Branson. Also, the city itself is around more than 20 square miles, it may not be that big, but with all the attractions, sky scrapers, amusement parks, and bright lights, it can be confusing for first-time travelers to navigate the city. Thus, it’s important to plan your travel method into and around the city.

Also, most major carriers don’t have direct service to Branson Airport, making driving to this city a lot more convenient than flying. US highway 65 on the other hand, takes you to the heart of this city.


Follow these four steps when planning your itinerary in Branson to make your weekend journey in and out of the city more convenient and memorable for you and your travel buddies.


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