Istanbul Is a Delight for the Senses

Istanbul Is a Delight for the SensesThis beautiful city of Istanbul lies in the country turkey. Turkey is a small country. The country has a good history. It was the stage for war in 14th and 15th   centuries. Istanbul has witnessed many wars. It has been rebuilt many times in past. The people here are very friendly .Tourism is the main source of income. Indeed this city is a must see. The beautiful architecture and palace, add to its charm. Clear blue skies and mounting towers make Istanbul look somewhat mysterious. Istanbul is a must place to see for serious travelers.

The mesmerizing food of Istanbul

Istanbul is known for its delight in cuisine. The food which speaks volume about eastern culture is found in every nook and corner of Istanbul.  So much is the presence of food in culture of Istanbul that there is a separate market dedicated to selling food. The spices sold here is simply mind boggling. Spice market, as it is popularly known, is located at the Galata Bridge in Eminönü. This place is full of aromatic spices from turkey. The eastern culture is well highlighted here. This place is a must visit for all moving to Turkey.

Spices sold are paprika, cumin, cinnamon. They are stacked in   piles and you can choose from those . There is another place called Aladdin’s cave which is the main center to sell superb quality tea. Tea is at center stage of the culture of Istanbul. Tea sold here is of world class. Not only tea is sold here, but nuts and a local item called lokum is also sold. This place is a must visit to imbibe multi -faceted cuisine of Istanbul. The dry fruits sold here have many varieties. Grand bazar sells variety of food items at a reasonable price. You can buy from assortment of Turkish delights.

The architectural marvel

In 532AD King Justinian built the magical Basilica Cistern. This is a name for the huge chamber. It was built near Hagia Sophia. Visitors are distracted by Hagia Sophia and forget to visit  cistern. The architecture is marvelous. The entrance is very simple which make chamber look somber. The place has 365 marble pillars erected to give a majestic look. Around 2.5 acres of the cistern is submerged in water. What makes this site truly mysterious is the Medusa’s head. The giant marble head add a coat of mystery to the structure.

Sufism in Istanbul

Another popular culture which is prevalent even today is Sufism. This was started by Mevlevi sect of Islam. This was the culture to promote Islam. Sufi was propagated by the poet Celaleddin Rumi. It has circular dance like movements which make dancers move into trance. This is done as an act of meditation to meet divine. Divinity and dancing go hand in hand. The dancer is required to wear a long coat which symbolizes burial. In addition to long coat , there is a black hat to be worn which symbolizes death of ego. There is the meyane which is local term for bar. So after a day’s exhaustion you can relax by drinking tapas and raki both of which are local scented drinks. You can join the folk music.

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