Jungle Jaunts in Borneo: Discover Reptiles and Apes

You know what a rainforest looks like, right? I am assuming that, just like me, you have often let out a sigh while sitting through those delicious documentaries which Animal Planet and National Geographic have been beaming at our living rooms for years. While India itself has its share of sanctuaries and jungles, it lacks a rainforest of the kind which they often flaunt in those programs and which are just full of surprises and amazements. Malaysia package deals may toss you right into the heart of the Borneo Rainforest

Jungle Jaunts in Borneo

Borneo’s jungle is deep, dense and dark. For most part, it is mysterious and undiscovered. Every step into this terrain can be risky but thrilling at the same time. The rainforest is counted amongst the greatest of Malaysia tourist places. But frankly, this place is not for the faint-hearted. It is the ultimate destination for an adventurer. Not that you are going to face a hungry cat staring right into your eyes or a thick python which may simply slip out of a branch and fall onto your lap! You are unlikely to face death or any kind of major injury, since the tourist officials and guides are always by your side. But nevertheless, only a truly adventure lover can truly appreciate the versatile beauty of this place.

Monkeys, baboons and apes of various kinds are ready to greet you the moment you step inside the jungle. It may be quite a discovery for you since you will run into a number of species the likes of which you have never seen before in your local zoos in India. Interestingly, there is a scope for shaking hands or getting close to these harmless apes. But that depends on your guide and on your luck.

Photography is, however, another matter and is every visitor’s right. You will love to photograph at this colorful and green place which is hardly quiet even though the song of the birds and the ruckus of the apes are nothing more than music to the ears.

As you wade deeper, you may just find leeches sticking out of a tree bark or a snake or two lying lazily over the mud. Animals like rhinos are also plentiful. There are many birds and insects which you will discover and love to spend time with.

The only regret is that these jungles are endangered, much like the residents they house. Deforestation has put all their lives at stake. The only bit you can do is to step up the tourism, plan your trip and visit them once before they go out of our lives forever….

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