New to cruising? The best cruise destinations for the over 60s

Cruising For Seniors: What Are The Best Cruises For Over 60s?

Have you been thinking about taking a cruise lately but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re not alone. Cruises have been gaining in popularity of late, and it’s little wonder when you consider the entertainment and amenities that modern day cruise ships have on board. Nowadays, youhave everything you can possibly need at your disposal while you traverse the planet’s seas and oceans.

best cruise destinations for the over 60s

However, knowing which cruise to choose can take a little research. Thankfully, we’ve done much of the legwork for you and come up with a brief guide to some of the best cruises for seniors. Let’s take a look. Remember to get your Avanti cruise insurance before you set off on a journey of discovery.

Alaskan Adventure

For those who wish their cruise to have a scenic bent, Alaska has everything to offer. The moving panorama is one of the delights of cruising and it is especially welcome to those who are not as mobile as they once were.

Being able to take in breathtaking sights from aboard your vessel is a great privilege, but many operators will offer land-based tours as well. This will allow you to see additional sights such as the Alaskan Railroad if you wish to take your adventure away from the ship itself.

Pacific Paradises

For those looking for warmer climes, the South Pacific has some wonderful cruises available. The places that you’ll visit during your time at sea will conjure up dreams of deserted islands and a simpler way of living.

Those with an interest in natural history will be awed by the diversity of life found in the ocean surrounding many of the islands as well as on the shores themselves. The friendly locals welcome visitors with open arms too, giving you wonderful memories that you can take away with you forever.

Fun In The Far East

If the Orient is something that has long intrigued you, then the cruises to the Far East are sure to delight. Operators send their liners to Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, and more, giving travellers the chance to visit these hotspots without the stresses of air travel and booking hotels.

As you would expect, Far Eastern travel gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in lots of new cultural experiences – perfect for those who are looking to broaden their horizons.

The Caribbean Connection

Caribbean holidays and cruising are almost synonymous with each other. Stunning white sand and beautiful, crystal clear waters await you when you book up a Caribbean cruise. Shore excursions are available to those who wish to discover more about the intriguing islands that they visit, but many simply opt to relax in the sun, drinking in the beauty of paradise around them.

Meander Through The Med

Trips closer to home have plenty to offer too as those who have cruised around the Mediterranean will testify. If retail therapy and people watching is your thing then this is the cruise for you. Famous places such as Cannes, Rome, Barcelona and Venice are all covered, but these are just the beginning.

So why not soak up the wonderful climate and experience all that these magnificent Mediterranean destinations have to offer?

Cruising is possibly the most relaxing way to see the world. Book a cabin and see the world!

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