Road tripping in the UK

Just a simple mention of a road trip can make your heart flutter with excitement as you start imagining those beautiful curvy roads and breathtaking landscapes. Driving these roads will make you forget all your worries and take you away from the hectic everyday routine. It is for all these reasons and more that we all love road trips and plan them at every opportunity that arrives.

Whether you’re a solo traveller or someone who enjoys trips in the company of friends and family, road trips are always an amazing way to explore new places. They allow you to enjoy the hidden local treasures, meet new people and learn new stories. Take a look at some of the best routes and attractions that you need to have in mind when road tripping in the UK.

Be Prepared

To make sure that you make the best of your road trip, it is important to plan ahead. Being prepared will actually help you enjoy the sense of freedom that is expected from a road trip. So plan your routes and get ready to ensure the hassle-free experience.

By preparing your car beforehand, you’ll save yourself from any possible stress in the long run. Begin with having your car well checked and make sure this check includes such elements as oil and tyre pressure as well as a general condition of the important car parts. If you have the option, choose the most fuel-efficient car that you have as this will help you save costs.

Speaking of costs, make sure that you do a rough budgeting beforehand so you can decide on how and where you want to spend your budget. There are a number of different budgeting applications available for mobile phones so it would be a good idea to download one of those and keep track of where the money’s going and whether it’s going according to plan or not.

Wales and its Dreamy Mountains

If you love the fresh country air and gorgeous rolling mountains then Wales should be your first choice. If offers a number of stunningly beautiful roads for you to choose from, such as the Brecon Beacons. And no matter what road you take, you’re surely going to find a number of interesting sites and friendly people along the way.

If you’re travelling in the warmer months then climbing the historical Pen y Fan mountain is a must. Wales is not only known for its mountains but also its distilleries, most of which allow you to have a glimpse of the amazing processing of their products like whisky, gin and the renowned ‘welsh cream’.

England for the Foodies

This country is full of places that offer world-class food and drinks so if you’re a true foodie, you just cannot miss it. But this isn’t all that England has to offer of course. You’ll find plenty of breathtaking scenery and especially if you take the route through Yorkshire, you’ll experience the most amazing countryside ever. There are plenty of historical sites too, which is why this route never disappoints.

Northern Ireland with its Lush Greenery

Our favourite route in this area would definitely be the Causeway Coastal Route as it offers some of the most stunning views that UK has to offer. As you move from Belfast to Derry-Londonderry, you’ll be experiencing most of the coastline of Northern Ireland and its unlimited number of attractions.


The pleasant green lands will definitely make you fall in love with this route. One attraction worth checking out on this route is the Giants Causeway, which is a result of an ancient volcanic eruption.

Scotland’s Rich History and Stunning Scenery

A comparatively new but immensely popular route that’s worth taking in Scotland is the North Coast 500. This route will take you at a 500 mile strip through the most stunning landscapes and coastal paths that you can ever imagine. The best part is that this route is really well planned so a number of itineraries are available. You’ll experience castles that seem like they came straight out of a fairytale but there will also be plenty of wild beaches and hidden gems that will make this a trip to cherish forever.

With these tips and suggestions, you can choose a route that matches your taste while being fully prepared. So now that you have what you need, start getting ready for exploring the UK on the most epic road trip ever!

Giles Kirkland is a car expert with great passion for travelling. When he’s not busy researching on the automotive technologies, he likes to hit the road and explore the countryside or plan a new road adventure. Also, he is keen on blogging and sharing ideas with car enthusiasts and travellers across the globe. You can find him at Oponeo and on Twitter.

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