South Africa: Every man’s destination

Perhaps your idea of the perfect holiday would be spent wine tasting in the sun? No? A hot air balloon ride then, through soaring mountain passes or over miles and miles of unspoiled coastline? What about a five star safari, and the chance to come face to face with the wildlife which David Attenborough’s dreams are made of?
South Africa is one of our top holiday destinations for 2013, not least because it offers an activity and a destination for everyone, value for money and some of the most amazing scenery on offer in the modern world.

South Africa: Every man’s destination
Here’s five of the top reasons to go and prove us wrong:
1.    Natural Beauty:
South Africa has been described as a whole world in a country – from snow-capped mountains and the vast savannahs to an underwater world like no other – home to countless species of wildlife, it has it all.

2.    Safaris:
Where better to see the big five – buffalos, elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos – than in one of South Africa’s famed National Parks? Our top pick is the iconic Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga, although the park can get busy in peak season it’s the size of a small country so you’re sure to encounter all manner of wild things. Be sure to stay safe though and check out our guide to a Malaria Free Safari.

3.    Rich History:
Visit museums and historic sites for a chance to find out more about a nation’s struggle for freedom, a story which touched the lives of so many, and even follow in the footsteps of revolutionaries like Nelson Mandela.

4.    Affordability:
Whilst flights might set you back a little more than destinations closer to home, the favourable exchange rate for many international currencies means you’ll find South Africa an inexpensive destination and maybe even be able to afford a little luxury! Check how far your money will get you with Travelex’s handy currency converter.

5.    Amazing Weather:
They don’t call it sunny South Africa for no reason – check out the weather forecast for yourself! The beaches of northern KwaZulu-Natal are warm and sunny even in midwinter. If you’ve spent this winter in the UK, you’ll know this requires no further explanation, if you haven’t – lucky you.

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