The Most Mysterious Place in Italy – Pitti Palace

The Most Mysterious Place in Italy - Pitti PalacePitti palace is the short name for Palazzo palace. Italy is a small county in Europe. However, the country has numerous palaces to see and enjoy. This country has many palaces for tourist attraction. It had a very turbulent past. It has witnessed changes in history. Many wars have taken place in this country. The monarchy was strong in Italy. Many huge palaces were built by kings in past. Today the reminiscences of those palaces have become major tourist attraction. Italy has museums too which treasures the beautiful memories of past. One such palace is Pitti palace which is discussed below.

History of Pitti palace
Pitti palace was built in the Renaissance period. Its location is near river Arno. This is short distance from Ponte Vicchio. Initially it was ruled by Medici family. Later it was bought by Grand Duchy of Tuscani in the year 1549. This palace has held its head high and witnessed many changes in monarchy. The palace is a testimony to lives of kings and queens. There is lot to imbibe about monarchy by observing intricacies of design in palace. King Victor Emmanuel donated this palace to Italian people in year 1919. Since then the palace is open to public.

The chief architect of the palace was banker Luca Pitti. He sought to build the palace in 1458. The palace was envisaged by Flippo Brunelleschi. But he died before the palace construction was started. So the work of building palace was restarted by Luca Pitti. The construction of the palace was half completed by 1495. The construction continued unabated from then. After that, ruling monarchy hired architect Ammanati.

The work again went on till 1570. Ammananti was basically responsible for the inner courtyard. A beautiful fountain was created by artichoke. This fountain lied at the terrace. There is a beautiful Boboni garden which was built by Cosimo I.
Since this palace was constructed by successive architects so it too long stretches of time to complete. The palace was later opened to public though. It had series of owners. Even King Napoleon was owner once. The palace passed hands from house of Savoy to Bourbons. In the twentieth century the owner was King Victor Emmanuel III. After that the palace was passed to public. Today the palace gets regular visitors. The palace is a good way to recollect history.

The present times of Pitti palace

The administration is in hands of Italian government. You are required to buy tickets to enter into palace. The tickets are for visiting palace alone or with a permission to look Baboni gardens . The palace has a number of good museums. The main highlight of old times is the galleria which is a passageway .it has a beautiful collection of Baroque paintings. One of the museums is Galleria del Costume which shows the royal clothes. There is another museum called Galleria d’ Arte Modern. This museum is significant because it has wonderful Renaissance painting of 19th and 20th century. The museum is good way to know history. On the whole the visit to this museum rejuvenates mind and soul. The museum is must place to see if you visit Italy.

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