Things to do in Cork

Things to do in CorkIf you haven’t been to Cork then you should really go there because it has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist spots. There are beautiful places to spend evenings and places to enjoy the wildlife and the marine life and there are also places where you could stop for coffee. So here are some things to do in Cork.


Mizen Vision

This place stands a whopping 700 feet above sea level. It’s place with one hell of a view, you can watch the marine life closely and also enjoy the beauty of this place. This is the southernmost point in Ireland. The waves in this coast is pretty rough and big. It’s considerably windy on top of this place. Take a stop here and photograph the beauty. If you wish to make the most of this trip pack a lunch and picnic in this beautiful place. There are a lot of paths which you might enjoy exploring. This is a good thing to do in Cork.


Fota Wildlife Park

This is a ‘Mind Blowing’ place with a lot of wildlife for you to enjoy. This park is rated as the most visited tourist spot in Cork, so it’d be a wonderful experience to come here. It’s set across a huge 70 acre on the beautiful and lovely Fota Island. Besides all this, you get to see the endangered species like the Lion tailed Macaque and a lot more, that too without special fences. You also get the opportunity to watch the animals face to face, which would be absolute fun. If there are kids with you, they would be able to benefit the most from this trip. This is another good thing to do in Cork.



This is a very scenic place where you can take a stroll and enjoy your time there. To make the most of this place you can go to the heritage centre and you’d enjoy it pretty much. The cathedral which is located uphill is just a wonderful church and you should attend the mass over there and I’m sure you’d start your day on a positive note. The walk along the shoreline would be an awesome thing to do as it would calm you down and it would be an enchanting experience. There are places which are perfect for picnic in this place and you can have a good time with your family in this  beautiful town.


St Fin Barre’s Cathedral

It’s a cathedral which is dedicated to the patron saint of Cork and you would love it if you went there. This cathedral was built in the 19th centuries so its pretty old and historic. There has been a house for worship here for about a thousand years. There are Gargoyles and statues which would take your breath away. Take some time to explore the places around this cathedral as well. There is a fee of €5, but I’d say its well worth it. They’d explain the outside and inside features of this church and I’m sure you’d be inspired. Te atmosphere in this place is really nice and there is a high chance of you spending more of your time here, because its really beautiful. This is a nice thing to do, while you are in Cork.

So Cork is an awesome place and it has everything you want. You’d be able to spend a quiet and amazing vacation in this place. It has a variety of tourist attractions and I believe you’d love it in this little place.

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