Things to do in limerick

Things to do in limerickLimerick is filled with a lot of attractions which would give you a heartwarming vacation. It could be called a small paradise as it is a wonderful place to go to and enjoy. There is wildlife and rivers too. Here is our things to do in Limerick.

Ballyhoura Walking Tours

This is known as a walker’s paradise as it has paths just made for walkers. The paths are excellent and they go through the wild and there are charming brooks which would make you spend some time in this place. There is also a guided walking experience. There are quiet country roads and even an awesome river bank walk, you’d enjoy very much in this beautiful place. If you’d like to make more of your visit here, pack a lunch and head over to this place and enjoy. The scenery and tranquility in the backwaters are just splendid. This is an awesome thing to do in Limerick.

Lough Gur Visitor Centre

This place has been inhabited for about 6000 years and the Lough Gur heritage centre is a good place to visit and earn some knowledge and learn about the community over there. Lough Gur has a a lot of monuments right from neolithic houses to medieval castles, so it really has a part in the history of Ireland. This place also offers a retail space which is great if you would like to stop for coffee or anything of that sort or if you want a wick bite then its available there. There are professionally trained guides who would assist you in knowing about the history of this place, so be ready to have a good afternoon, when you visit this place. This is a nice thing to do in Limerick.

Hunt Museum

It is a place which provides home for Ireland’s greatest private art and antiquities collection. So if you want to have a day where you’d enjoy the most by learning about Ireland, then this is the place for you. There are qualified staff who would explain to you about the Hunt Museum. If you visit Limerick and you have some time to spend then you should ally come to see this wonderful place. There is a blistering collection of art and antiques which would blow you away!. This is another pleasant thing to do in Limerick.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

This is the oldest protestant church in Limerick, and its a place you should visit. This is a place to practice your spirituality, a place where you are close to god, some tourists believe. Moreover, the architecture of this building is just too good. The ground of the church is admirable as well. There is a good lot of history behind this magnificent church.If you are in this part of Ireland, then you seriously should visit this cathedral. The place is peaceful and its located in the heart of the town, so there is no question of you not finding this church. This is an awesome thing to do in Limerick as well.

So Limerick is a peaceful place and it has a lot of tourist attractions, so if you have some time to spend head over to this place and enjoy a peaceful vacation out of all your worries.

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