3 Things You Absolutely Need Before Your Trip to Mexico

Whether you are an expert at trip planning or going on your first out-of-country vacation, there are a few important details that could ruin your Mexican getaway if forgotten. Keep this list handy when packing for your trip to Mexico and you can rest assure you won’t leave anything vital behind.

V.I.D. (Very Important Documents)

Before you can leave the United States, you must have a valid U.S. passport. It can take up to 10 weeks to get one, so order yours at least 3 months before your vacation. Expediting your passport delivery can cost up to $100 additionally, so plan accordingly.

You also need your driver’s license, medical insurance card, and credit cards. Take pictures of the front and back of all of these documents and send them to your email where you will be able to reach them in case of an emergency.

Protection from Mexico’s Elements

The climate in Mexico is more tropical than the United States. This means the sun is hotter and the bugs are more aggressive. Pack sunscreen and apply regularly to keep safe from the intense Mexican sun. Use bug spray to prevent insects carrying diseases from biting and transmitting them to you. You should also pack a hat and sunglasses for extra protection.
While it may seem ridiculous, pack a sweater or light jacket. The days are hot in Mexico, but once the sun goes down the temperature can get chilly (especially in the drier regions).

There is a running joke about Mexico’s water, but it is a serious health concern when traveling. Call your hotel and see if they offer bottled or filtered water for you to drink. If not, bring water purification tablets with you. Also bring your own water bottle with you to refill with clean water.

A Variety of Money Options

Many places in Mexico will not honor traveler’s checks due to frequent fraud. Instead, bring credit cards, a debit card, and cash with you.
You can also exchange your dollars for pesos at the bank or the airport currency exchange booth. Exchanging at the bank can take weeks, so the booth at the airport is the best idea if you do not have time before your trip. You will also be able to just take money out at ATMs for less fees than using airport cash exchanges.

Appropriate Luggage

The Mexican government allows only $300 worth of currency and goods to come with you over the border. This means you need to pack light. Condense your items into one suitcase. You should bring a shoulder bag or backpack with you for your daily adventures throughout Mexico. Make sure to keep your documents and money in a safe place on your person to deter pickpocketing.

Representatives from Royal Holiday jobs¬†would recommend you plan your Mexican getaway ahead of time to make sure these vital details are not looked over. Right after you click “Confirm” as you book your Mexican vacation, begin the process for time sensitive items, such as your passport and your currency exchange. By planning early, you can avoid putting a damper on your vacation and secure every item you need.

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