Top 6 things to do in Rome

Top 6 things to do in RomeRome has always been an awesome place to travel to in the world. Although the cost of living isn’t low it’s beauty is something tourists low and thousands of tourists rush to Rome to enjoy its unique architecture, its monuments and also the scenic beauty of the place.


This is something which you shouldn’t miss out on. This awesome monument is just awesome and also this theatre is something really important for the history and culture of Rome. It is monument of epic proportions. This was a place where gladiators used to fight for their lives many were slaughtered in this place. So if you go to Rome, don’t forget the Colosseum.

Trevi Fountain

This place has also become a piggy bank because of all the loose change that’s hurled into the water as the tourists make a wish in this well. The beautiful sight of the water gushing is just lovely. Make sure to prepare fora thick crowd and you’d be in the midst of a whole lot of flashes. So visit this lovely place.

San Crispino Ice Creams

If you are a person like me who loves gelato then you should probably visit this unique place called ‘Gelato Di San Crispino’ which is sure to treat you awesome because this authentic gelato store has earned its fame because of the extreme care they take while making the ice creams. The flavours change with seasons and also the ice creams are only available in tubs because they believe the ones interfere with the flavour.

Night at the Opera

This is a brilliant thing to do in Rome. I’m sure that you’d love a night at the opera because its something not everyone gets to witness so make most of your chance and witness it. The experience is sure to awe you because the way how things are arranged itself is truly grand.

Grab an Authentic Pizza

If you don’t know Italy is the place where pizza’s were invented so if you are a person who loves pizza then you needn’t worry. Authentic pizza here is just too good because of how its made unlike in other countries because the crust is cheesy and its a delight to bight into it. The toppings are extremely nice and there are specific temperatures and time limit for the oven because those are the things that change a “good pizza” to an “awesome pizza”. So try
La Gatta Mangiona if you are looking for a really good authentic pizza.

Experience White Frascati

If you love wine, then this place is just for you. There are wine museums everywhere in Rome and you would want to check those out. Check Al Vino Al Vino which is an awesome place to get good quality wine and it houses a humongous 500 types of wines, so don’t miss out in this hostelry. So wine buffs out there would love this place because they get to taste and decide which one they want. There’s Sicilian-inspired food to soak it all up and give you a good day.

So these are our best things to do in Rome which you would love to do.

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