Top 7 Best Summer Holiday Destinations To Relax and Enjoy In India

The summer season is best known for being the best time to go on vacations. Due to this reason, most people will take time and research on when various countries experience summer and they plan their vacations to coincide with the season. This is the reason why many countries will be seen advertising their summer vacation packages as summer approaches just to make sure that anyone looking for a summer vacation destination will spot the packages and fly there. India is one of the most popular countries as far as these summer destinations are concerned and this article will outline some destinations that can be visited during the summer.

summer destinations in india

1. Shimla:

Shimla happens to be the capital to Himachal Pradesh and it is located in Northern India. Shimla traces its origin way back to the time when India was occupied by the British and it was designed to be a resort center for the British officers and their families. As of today, the buildings are part of the Shimla Hotels and visiting here during the summer gives the opportunity to enjoy the fused British and Indian cultures.

2. Manali:

Manali is also located within Himachal Pradesh and it is one of the most loved destinations as far as Indian summer vacations are concerned. The area is located about 2000 meters above the sea level and this means that it has some of the best sceneries made up of rivers, mountains and waterfalls. For the person who loves adventure, this would be the ideal destination for a summer vacation.

3. Goa:

Goa may have a funny name but it is one of the best places for someone who wants nothing else but to relax as the summer goes by. Goa is full of pristine beaches, full of parties, beautiful blue waters and a very relaxed way of life making it ideal for rest. The area has the best climate and the wonderful spices make the food worth writing home about. The hotels in this region offer great discounts, making Goa an ideal place to go on a budget.

4. Srinagar:

This is a major tourist attraction destination in India and for one of the most amazing reasons. To start with, Srinagar is home to the world renowned Dai Lake and this is the only lake referred to as heaven on earth in the world. The other reason that makes Srinagar lovely and visited are the many boathouses that are here. These, coupled with a very moderate temperature, make the region ideal to visit.

5. Kodaikanal:

This tourist destination is located in the Southern part of India and is more popularly known as ‘Princess of Hill Stations.’ It is also one of the areas that was established by the British as a resort area for their officers and their families. The most unique thing about it is that it has a lower temperature than the larger Southern India and this is what makes it popular. When searching for csa phone number child support agency, check it out in the directory.

6. Munnar:

This is the one place in India that is known for its beautifully done tea plantations. The area is also popular for its forests, hills, and lakes. It enters the record as being one of the leading tea producing regions in India and also has the largest tea export volumes in India. The beautiful sceneries, plantations and moderate climate make it an ideal summer destination.

7. Coorg:

This is another popular destination in India and it is also known for its beautiful views and sceneries. Parts of the views are plantations of coffee and oranges. In addition to the plantations, the area is well known for having the best hotels in the country and they make people come over and over again.

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